Lent is a period of time which for many Christian traditions is observed during the forty days leading up to the Easter celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  For the ancient Church, Lent was that time when those who were preparing for the sacrament of Baptism undertook special spiritual and practical disciplines to prepare for their entrance into the Church, the body of Christ.  Then, as now, Lent is forty days of preparatory contemplation, discipline, and prayer.  Forty is a serendipitous…Continue Reading “Fighting 45: A Lenten Reflection”

Christianity has been declared illegal in the United States of America. There’s no prohibition against professing one’s faith in Jesus. In fact, speaking the name of the Christian savior is in vogue with the current presidential administration as was evident in the multiple Christian-specific prayers offered at President Trump’s inauguration. Prominent religious figures even suggest the most recent election was guided by divine action. The Rev. Franklin Graham declared: “I believe God’s hand was in [Trump’s election].” But is the hand of God visible in…Continue Reading “Christianity Declared Illegal by Executive Order”