Muslims are human and, honestly, it’s heartbreaking that I have to write this sentence. But I have to, because inconsistencies in media coverage beg me to ask the question, is my identity only important when it fulfills a preconceived biased narrative? Apparently so, as a recent academic study  revealed that “terror attacks receive five times more media coverage” in cases where the perpetrator is Muslim. In these instances, media provides round the clock presentation of attacks but when Muslims are the victims, there’s a deafening…Continue Reading “Because Muslims Are Victims, Too”

In only the latest lethal Islamophobic attack: “The white man suspected of shooting two men, killing one, allegedly told a bartender before his arrest that he had killed two Middle Eastern men… Adam Purinton, 51, was arrested at an Applebee’s bar where he’d been drinking five hours after the shooting. He reportedly told the bartender—who called police—that he needed to hide out. According to the Star, at least one witness heard Purinton yell ‘get out of my country’ shortly before shooting two men he believed…Continue Reading “Being “a Muslim” in America”

In the weeks preceding and following the election, I was challenged by the visceral responses from left, right, and center of this artificial political system constructed it seems to disenfranchise the oppressed and benefit the oppressors. I was and still am never sure of being on the right (or left) side of history (or eternity); compared to so many, I am privileged and thus called to responsibility, though compared to the rulers I am a mere pawn in the ruthless game of neoliberal capitalism. But…Continue Reading “A (Com)Passionate Response”