Cross-posted at my website. Yesterday I talked with Margaret Atwood. We asked each other questions. We smiled at one another. Her eyes are sharp. Her mind is sharper. I asked her about religion. I’ll tell you a story, then I’ll tell you what Atwood said. This is the Story I first read The Handmaid’s Tale a decade ago in a Feminist Theology class. Studying liberation theologians like Gustavo Gutierrez and hardcore social justice nuns and professors like Joan Chittister and Mary Daly, we small crew…Continue Reading “I asked Margaret Atwood about religion, and this is what she said.”

I gave this talk on teaching faculty at Holden Village right after the Orlando Shootings—I  wrote it after the Charleston shootings the year before and when Orlando happened in a way that felt so similar, In sacred space, I couldn’t not respond. As we see violence almost daily in mosques, synagogues, airplanes, and other places supposed to be safe, we join together in lament and action. Please listen and let me know what you think.