Religious Response is a space for scholars, leaders, or practitioners of religion to respond to contemporary events–and takes its genesis from the US-changing 2016 election. We come primarily from a North American context, but do not share a single religious tradition, creed, dogma, or political claim. While the conversation addresses religion, philosophy, and theology, not all authors are themselves religious. We seek to celebrate difference and to encourage the flourishing of the infinite differences that make humanity, all creatures, and the earth full of beauty. As such, the rhetoric of the 2016 election, which espoused hatred based on race, sex, gender, immigration status, and so many other differences, requires a passionate response. Rhetoric is not simply rhetoric, it has material consequences that manifest at the bodily, affective, and social registers. We hope to offer possibilities for living together through the next 4 years that come through, with, or in spite of religious traditions and practices. We hope to encourage conversation in and across differences that will facilitate learning. From learning and conversation comes concrete political action–and we hope our work will generate and support political action.