Welcome Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer, Everyday Religious Response Editor

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Religious Response was born out of the fervor of the 2016 U.S. election. It has been exciting to hear a variety of people give immediate voice to concerns, plans, and actions in the wake of the changing political landscape. Now as the presidency of Donald J. Trump moves out of its infancy, the specter of normalization haunts the many resistance projects that emerged from the election. Religious Response will continue to assert that political discourse shapes not only the way we talk about society, but has physical consequences for the people who are not in power. Religion is threaded throughout life in the U.S. and we believe the study or practice of religion can be a form of resistance.

One arm of Religious Response’s mandate is to be a space that bridges the theoretical and practical—and it is in light of this project that we welcome a new regular contributor to Religious Response. Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer will be our Everyday Religious Response Editor. As Everyday Religious Response Editor, Czarnik-Neimeyer will lift up voices of faithful practitioners encountered throughout her travels in her “Tour d’Justice,” from Seattle to the United Nations to Ghana. Anna’s writing includes a Christian packing list for the Women’s March on Washington, a listing of her #flightprivilege, and a reflection on narrative activism. Anna recently completed an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at St. Norbert College and finished a tenure as the Assistant Director of the Cassandra Voss Center, which focuses on transformation through initiatives related to race, class, gender, and identity. This week, Anna joins the bell hooks Institute as Visiting Scholar In Residence.

We at Religious Response hope that this attention to the “practice of everyday life,” in Michel de Certeau’s words, might serve as a disrupting, provocative, and ultimately productive move under the current presidency.

Welcome Anna.

Lisa Gasson-Gardner is a doctoral student in theological and philosophical studies at Drew University. Her interests include evangelical Christianity and politics, continental philosophy, and the doctrine of revelation. It all works together, she promises.

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